City Views: Stockholm



Stockholm is a beautiful city.  There is simply no debate about it.  In fact, in areas, it is simply gorgeous.  On a sunny Summer day when people are also out in droves enjoying the green spaces, water ways & outdoor eating areas, it is perfectly idyllic.

I snapped these photos on my last visit to the Swedish capital, in Summer 2013. I enjoy exploring everything about Stockholm, from the subway stations & city streets, to the cafes, pubs & food markets, shops & museums. I always savor a return to Stockholm city.

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I love a good rainy day in the city but there is just something atmospherically intoxicating to me about a grey, drizzly day in Sweden’s capital.  The city is gorgeous no matter what the weather & harbors such a multitude of cozy nooks & crannies that even if you don’t like traipsing around in the puddles, you can still cozy up & enjoy the weather.