Seasonal: Autumn 2014


THIS MONTH: Every day lately is about small adventures with my son & getting out & about. He’s 10 months & on the verge of walking so there will be observing for first steps. I squeeze in work on my website ( when I can & am excited to continue getting rid of more stuff as part of our household downsizing project.

READING: It takes me a week to get through a magazine lately. I have a stack of Monocle magazines that I look forward to digging into. I recently started an online course offered by FutureLearn & led by educators from the University of Sheffield.  It’s called “Exploring Play” & each week is devoted to a different theme of research related to play. The articles & discussion are really interesting & cause for reflect.  I’d like to do a photo project in the future on various play environments so I consider this, in part, research.

DREAM PROJECT: I have many. A tour of Tibetan Buddhist temples & centers in North America to photo document the spaces & meet the people involved with them would be great.

LATEST SPLURGE: Almost all recent splurges have been for baby Hunter. My last purchase for myself was a subscription to Vegan Cuts monthly Beauty Box.

ZEN MOMENTS: I like to be busy. I love to be busy. I have a busy mind so it feels great to channel it into various activities. Walking is very Zen for me. But even then a lot is happening. Some of my favorite ideas or best decisions come when I walk. I think the quietest my mind gets is when I am watching my son engrossed in the very serious business of playing.