Mu-Ryang-Sa Temple At the very scenic & serene Mu-Ryang-Sa Temple yesterday, spectacularly placed deep in Palolo Valley on Oahu for the 2nd interview in my “Portrait & Dialogue with Vegans series.”  This location was the participant’s suggestion & we enjoyed a quiet afternoon moment with invigorating dialogue & photographing thisContinue Reading

Nürnberg is such an atmospheric city, with a little bit of urban grit but also some real charming, storybook like qualities in it’s built environment. I especially loved walking around the city on a brisk Autumn day to capture some of the local essence. 

I first visited Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling in 1999 with a good friend while living on the Big Island.  It was my first visit to a Tibetan Buddhist temple & happened to coincide with one of their important holidays, so we ended up being witness to a special service by theContinue Reading

Szimpla Budapest September 2011 As often happens when I travel, I had a list of places dutifully researched & jotted down that I wanted to see in Budapest.  Specific streets, landmarks, museums, speciality shops, certain neighborhoods, bars & restaurants. And as often happens when I travel, I ultimately submitted to anContinue Reading

  Stockholm is a beautiful city.  There is simply no debate about it.  In fact, in areas, it is simply gorgeous.  On a sunny Summer day when people are also out in droves enjoying the green spaces, water ways & outdoor eating areas, it is perfectly idyllic. I snapped theseContinue Reading

I fell for Salzburg on first visit in Spring of 2011. A 4 hour train ride from where we were living at the time in Bavaria, Salzburg was a wonderful & accessible long weekend destination. For the photographer in me, the city spaces sang & on my first & everyContinue Reading

Byodo-In Temple Valley of the Temples Memorial Park The resounding sound of the bell, the waft of incense & the sight of a peacock tail, all nestled by the Ko’olau Mountains,  a visit to Byodo-In is a very sensory experience & a beautiful one as well.

My first love in photography was architecture, the built environment & city spaces.  When I travel, I inevitably spend hours documenting the spaces I move through & sometimes it becomes thematic, as is the case here from a winter’s trip to Dublin a couple of years ago.