Highlights from recent photosessions with 5 NYC based vegan mothers for my vegan parent interview series. This feature, along with interviews with each mother, will be out later this year in Vegan Italy magazine! Felicia Greenfield & daughters   http://www.feliciagreenfield.com/ http://www.rescuemen.org/ www.GrandpaDavesCreatureComforts.org Michelle Carrera & son http://www.chilisonwheels.org/ Victoria Moran http://mainstreetvegan.net/Continue Reading

I loved Jivamuktea Cafe from my very 1st visit & meal there earlier this year, so it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph several of their dishes and interview head chef and manager Michael Knight. Appears in the May/June issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine!   AnnikaContinue Reading

My article on Manhattan based Korean, vegan Hangawi Restaurant, including an interview with owner Terri Choi & photos I took of some of their dishes appears in the March/April 2016 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine! See more of my food photography at Hangawi here.   Innovative Korean VeganContinue Reading

Food Photography at Jivamuktea Cafe In January & February 2016 I had the pleasure of photographing several dishes at Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC.  I really fell for the spacious & relaxed vibe at this all vegan cafe as well as their delicious dishes!  My Q & A with head chefContinue Reading

In November 2015 I visited Hangawi Restaurant  to dine & gather coverage for an article on the unique, upscale Manhattan establishment. . The culinary aspects of both traditional & innovative Korean vegan cuisine along with a serene atmosphere & excellent service make for a very special dining experience. Article publishedContinue Reading

I am honored to be a part of the wonderful Winter 2015 issue of Noveaux Magazin with a little photo essay I put together from an NYC visit last year, on which I also purchased this coat from the Brooklyn headquarters of vegan fashion label Vaute.  The photoessay includes photos from my experiencesContinue Reading

Peacefood Cafe was my first stop for a vegan food photo series and the experience set a vibrant, high tone for the project as well as a delicious introduction to NYC’s rich vegan culinary scene. Published article in the January/February Issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine Downtown Cafe InteriorContinue Reading