Sofie by the sea

Sofie was one of the first women I photographed in Stockholm.  We decided to shoot along the woodsy coastline near where I currently live,…

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Afro Söder

The beginnings of a great collaboration!  I love quality photos & video depicting the grooming, tools & styles of barbers & the atmosphere &…

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ALP Underground

 I love photographing sensuous, confident women. Tattoo culture. Discreet nudes. Babeliscious street style. Masks. Photos below from shoots in Germany & Hawai’i 2011-2013  

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KIDS- FB page

Back in 2011 & 2012 when I started freelancing in Germany I said I would NEVER get into Kid’s photography. Then I gave birth…

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Sidewalk as Studio

 Using sidewalks as “studio” is one of my absolute favorite motifs. Perhaps it’s my mercurial spirit- give me a connective passage & a subject…

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