Deep cool gusts and leaves of changed color falling from trees, Softly, softly it begins. In the sun, I feel the heat spill over my skin In the shade, the nip of cold is distinct, a chilly, whispering preview.

Nürnberg is such an atmospheric city, with a little bit of urban grit but also some real charming, storybook like qualities in it’s built environment. I especially loved walking around the city on a brisk Autumn day to capture some of the local essence. 

At the heart of my mantra of “adaptability” when I photograph is the effort to adapt to the energy & circumstance unique to each shoot, but also the weather! I actually thrill at incorporating a totally unexpected change in weather at a shoot (when possible- and it’s quite often possible). PhotoshootingContinue Reading

Photoshooting with Chrissyni in beautiful Regensburg October 2012 I absolutely love the energy & drama of a beautiful Autumn day.  To work with Chrissyni in Regensburg capturing these images was a fantastic experience where model & photographer both came forward with ideas & executed.  I love a fresh & cleanContinue Reading

 I love the crisp cool & vigor of Autumn as well as the sensuality of the season’s fashions. The energy of this season & it’s styles are probably among those closest to my heart to photograph. Images from various Autumn inspired shoots I had with models in Germany (2012-2013)

CURRENT LOCATION: Honolulu THIS MONTH: Every day lately is about small adventures with my son & getting out & about. He’s 10 months & on the verge of walking so there will be observing for first steps. I squeeze in work on my website ( when I can & amContinue Reading