One thing I love now traveling as a mom with my young son? Less toys to clean up. When we moved to Sweden earlier this year we downsized. A lot. At the time we had been living in a 5 bedroom house (or as someone called it a “mansion apartment”Continue Reading

Ever since I first visited Stockholm I have appreciated Gamla Stan, the cobblestoned historic heart of the city. The main passages can be heavy with foot traffic (it is one of the most frequented areas by tourists in the city) but if you dip off and take time to exploreContinue Reading

I met up with Omar & Vanessa one afternoon in late November for a few romantic couples portraits.  Here in Stockholm, beginning around November, twilight sets in aroun 15:00 & by 16:00 it’s dark.  As we met shortly  after 15:00, we didn’t have much time on our side (and theyContinue Reading

Dishes from brand collaboration with Swedish soy company Yi-Pin Soya, Recipes + food photography Above: My creamy mushroom spinach pasta topped with Yi-Pin Soya ‘Vegopytt’ Above & Below: My ‘Tofu Caprese’ with Yi-Pin Soya Extra Firm Tofu Baked Tofu with Garlic Kale & Buttery Mashed Potatoes

On family summer trips to Malmö when I was younger, there were always ritual visits to Lilla Torg, where we would enjoy a pizza at the corner pizzeria and walk around the cobblestone square. As I grew older, I recall visits to the Form/Design Center,  located in a historic & atmospheric formerContinue Reading